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About Us

What is Help Darfur Now?

  • HDN is a non-profit organzation geared specifically for students and their families that is dedicated to raising funds for and awareness of the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.
  • It was started by three New Jersey high school students.
  • Currently, HDN has chapters throughout the world.

How did the group get started?

  • In 2005, co-founder Arielle Wisotsky saw an exhibit on the situation in Darfur while visiting the Holocaust museum in Washington, DC and decided to take action.
  • She contacted two friends, David and Eric Messinger, and they began sending out fundraising letters hoping to raise $1000 to send to refugee camps.

What has HDN accomplished so far?

  • We have greatly exceeded the initial fundraising goal, as HDN has raised over $600,000 for Doctors Without Borders , the International Rescue Committee, the UNHCR and other relief organizations. These organizations supply food, medicine, and other supplies to victims of the genocide in Darfur. HDN has also contributed to the Save Darfur Coalition for awareness raising.
  • When our chapters raise money, they send it to Help Darfur Now and we send it to the organizations mentioned above. We have made arrangements with these organizations so that the money is specially earmarked for Darfur.

HDN Highlights

Metrowest Fair

Adam Basciano and Eli Schechner addressing paticipants at the Metrowest Fair about Help Darfur Now and the crisis in Darfur Enlarge photo

Arielle and Eric speak at "SAVE DARFUR: Rally to Stop Genocide"
Full rally recap and enlarged photos with Barack Obama and George Clooney.

on podium with Obama with Clooney

HDN members meet with US Senator Menendez (D.NJ.)
Arielle, David, and Eric were honored to meet with Sen. Robert Menendez of NJ and his aide, Carolyn Fefferman, on Wednesday, April 12.The group discussed the ongoing crisis in Darfur and was assured by the Senator that he will be a spokesperson on behalf of advocates to end the genocide. (Click for enlarged photo)

In the news

Read the article in the Jerusalem Post by David Dagan, that talks about Arielle and Help Darfur Now.

Congressman Donald Payne (D-NJ) endorses Help Darfur Now
The students met with Congressman Donald Payne, the ranking member of the Committee on International Affairs. He commended them on their accomplishments and signed on as an official endorser of Help Darfur Now. The students will be working with the Congressmen to help raise awareness of the Darfur issue.

Help Darfur Now becomes a member of the Save Darfur Now Coalition in January 2006 - Help Darfur Now is now a signatory of the coalition's unity statement concerning the Darfur crisis. The Save Darfur Coalition is an alliance of over 100 faith-based, humanitarian and human rights organizations.

Help Darfur Now was inducted into Channel 13//WLIW Community Hall of Fame on June 28, 2006.