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Help Darfur Now Mitzvah Project Resources - Camille Rogers

rogers"Hi, I am Camille Rogers, and for my Bat Mitzvah project, I raised this money for Darfur. I have spent my year working for this money, and I hope that you will make sure it goes to a good cause. When I saw a slide show about Darfur in my school, East Side Middle , I realized how bad it was there. I think that your fund should try and inform kids like me, and their schools so that they can help too. Thanks!

This is what I included in my Bat Mitzvah speech:

Over the past year, I have been working hard to raise Tzedakah money. In my school, East Side Middle, in Manhattan, they showed us a movie about the genocide in Darfur, Africa. It was really sad and moving. People were dying and not enough people were helping, not even President George Bush. I decided that I wanted to help make a difference. I started by asking my principal, David Getz, what a good charity to donate to would be, and he told me HelpDarfurNow. I made cookies, and sold them to as many people as I could. Then I started babysitting, and put all the money I raised into a container. I can only hope that my donations will be used to help people in the best way possible and maybe even save a life. There are many more places that I want to work toward helping, yet it sometimes seems never ending. One thing that I have learned from my family and school is that if everyone helps just a little bit, it can add up to something big."