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Help Darfur Now Mitzvah Project Resources - Jon Stone

As the Bar Mitzvah party was Shabbat afternoon, we needed to do something that did not involve candles. Jon discovered that Help Darfur Now is 13 letters. He designed the board and painted the letters and we helped with the Velcro.They are painted to match the green in the HDN logo.

As illustrated, the letters get attached to a foam core board using the Velcro. Family and friends were called up and each given a letter which they placed on the board. To give it a little excitement, the letters were not given out in order so the audience had to wait to see what it spelled. The letters are numbered from 1 to 13 in black marker on the back. The board has the corresponding numbers lightly in pencil so folks will know where to place them. When placed, the green letters cover the number guides. [We ultimately decided to have someone play Vanna White and help with the letter placement.]

We want to offer this to other families. The photos are mounted with photo corners so they are not glued. The B'nai mitzvah can insert their own photo in the lower left corner of the board. We have the basket to hold the letters and the easels to hold the board and a large plastic sheet to cover for the whole thing. We found it is two heavy for one easel as the letters are wood.

For more information please email Lew and Julie Stone at or contact Nina or Karen using the contact form .